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Senate District 7

Please fill out this online application and then mail in the following information:1. Please mail a copy of your official FAFSA (5 page student aid report) and an OFFICIAL SEALED copy of your Transcript to:
**Students should use the official FAFSA website:

Senator J.B. Jennings
11 Bladen Street
James Senate Office Building, Room 423
Annapolis, MD 21401

2. Please send in an essay with your FAFSA and Transcripts to the address previously listed.
ESSAY QUESTION: Why should you receive this Senatorial Scholarship? (maximum 1 page typed)
**Deadline for applicants is Monday, April 2, 2018. Please have ALL of your REQUIRED information mailed in PRIOR to April 2, 2018.

1. To be eligible to receive a District 7 Senatorial Scholarship: you MUST reside in District 7 AND be attending a Maryland College UNLESS you have been PREVIOUSLY APPROVED by the Maryland Higher Education Commission (MHEC) as an out of state “Unique Major.”

**Your district can be verified by calling my Annapolis office at: 410-841-3706 or putting your address in: Who’s my Elected Official?

2. Delegates McDonough & Impallaria (410-841-3334) and Delegate Szeliga (410-841-3698) each conduct a District 7 Delegate Scholarship. You are eligible to receive 2 Delegate scholarships in addition to the Senatorial Scholarship. Contact the Delegates directly for more information.

1. The Senatorial Scholarship is valid for 4 years OR 8 semesters. If you choose to go forward in your education, you can reapply for a graduate scholarship for an additional 4 years OR 8 semesters…I CANNOT award additional semesters for undergraduate/graduate degrees

2. The Delegate Scholarship is conducted on a year-to-year basis. You MUST reapply every year for this scholarship. There is NO semester limits for the Delegate Scholarships.

3. Other requirements may be applicable depending on your schools requirement of minimum credits and other stipulations.

4. For Unique Major applicants- YOU are REQUIRED to fill out the UNIQUE MAJOR application and mail it in to MHEC to be eligible for this scholarship. If you apply for this scholarship, I am under the assumption that you were APPROVED BY MHEC prior to applying. Applying for the unique major classification may take SEVERAL WEEKS! This is YOUR RESPONSIBILITY.

***QUESTIONS: Please call Lauren Fowler, Scholarship Coordinator, in my office with any questions PRIOR to filling out the form; or (410) 841-3706.

For additional third-party scholarship opportunities, visit:


J.B. Jennings